Top 10 Winter Car Accessories

The selection of car accessories is almost endless. But which one should not be missed in winter? Who can answer this question better than the professionals: That’s why we asked mechanics from the Autobutler network which accessories they would use and recommend to other car owners. Be inspired by our Top 10 list and find the right “Christmas present” for your car. Read here at 5 Must-Have Car Accessories You Must Buy for further information.

Our Top 10 Recommendations for Winter Accessories

#1 Ice scraper

The ice scraper is the undisputed number one on the mechanic list. When scraping ice, be sure to completely remove the ice from the windshield wipers. Otherwise the rubber on the windscreen wipers will wear out too quickly.

#2 De-icer spray

Ice can be persistent. Special sprays make the tedious scraping of ice easier for you and ensure a clear view within a very short time, even if the windows are very icy.

#3 Silicone pin for rubber seals

Anyone who has been unable to open a car door due to frozen rubber seals knows how important it is to avoid such situations. With such a pen, rubber seals can be treated quickly and easily, effectively preventing icing and cracks in the rubber. This makes it easier to open car doors and extends the life of the gaskets.

#4 Frost protection cover for the windscreen
For drivers who do not have a garage or underground car park and live in a snowy region, a frost protection blanket is a cost-effective investment to protect the windscreen from ice.
Although it is not a compulsory accessory, it saves you annoying ice scraping in winter.

#5 Snow shovel

In high snow you get stuck very fast with the car. Every year thousands of German car owners have to call for help. In this case, you can often help yourself with a compact snow shovel to reach firm ground.

#6 Extra bright light bulbs

Most light bulbs, which are installed as standard in car production, are halogen lamps. They are durable and cheap to manufacture, but do not emit as much light as xenon or LED lamps, for example.

Headlamps are available on the market which, in comparison, emit more than twice as much light and thus noticeably increase road safety. In addition, the best light bulbs shine 30 percent longer than standard bulbs and thus make obstacles visible earlier. The only disadvantage is that the service life of such lamps is shorter than that of cheap halogen lamps.

#7 Luggage box for the trailer coupling

With a storage box that fits directly on the tow bar of the car, the storage space in the boot can be easily doubled. This gives you more than 400 litres more storage space, albeit with limited weight. So you have plenty of room for all your Christmas presents and the thick ski gear for your winter holiday. Since the luggage box is mounted on a trailer coupling, it – in contrast to a roof box – does not influence the wind resistance of the car, so that the fuel costs hardly increase.

#8 New Batteries

Mechanics know it first hand: Most cars that come to the garage with a tow truck have a battery problem. However, such situations can be avoided by having a new or almost new battery installed before the cold winter season.

#9 Lock oil spray

Unfortunately, it happens every day that car owners do not get into their cars because the lock is frozen over. The situation can easily be avoided by repeatedly lubricating with a small lock oil spray.

#10 Winter tyres

Winter tyres are not accessories, especially as they are compulsory in Germany in winter. However, many drivers miss it year after year to change over to winter tyres in good time and thus risk life-threatening accidents. Winter tyres are the A&O for safe driving in the cold season and should be fitted before the first frost. Have you already converted to winter tyres? Here you can request and compare up to 3 workshop offers.

Which accessories should you avoid?

Accessories undoubtedly increase driving comfort, but can sometimes be a hindrance. You should rather refrain from the following accessories:

Wonder tree

A miracle tree can disturb vision and often contains many chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in the worst case. Frequently, a thorough cleaning of the interior by a workshop professional ensures a pleasant smell in the car. In addition, you can opt for an allergy-friendly fragrance for the air conditioning system.

Cubes or stuffed animals on the rearview mirror

It may look cute, but a few large cubes of fabric impair visibility, often at pedestrian height of all places.

Homemade de-icing fluid

Mechanics regularly report on cars with paint or glass damage that are delivered to the workshop due to self-made de-icing fluid. Alcohol or salt mixtures are often added, which eat into the paint and permanently damage it. So keep your hands off such experiments – play it safe with a ready-mixed liquid from a specialist dealer or the tried and tested ice scraper.


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