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First a scrambled egg with bacon, then a yeast plait with cinnamon and finally yoghurt with fruit – I am the absolute breakfast fan. If it were up to me, I could start every day with sweet and salty delicacies. Saturday and Sunday – no problem. But Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday? Or Thursday and Friday? Time is short, so is the offer. And because white rolls with jam are not exactly the healthiest, I made friends with yoghurt and fruit.

In the long run – pretty boring. 3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt, 1 tablespoon of quark, a chopped apple and a few grapes. Day in, day out. From Monday to Friday, just before half past seven.

There must be another way. Healthier, more varied – all in all simply better. And it really does. The little delicacies acai bowl in Atlanta I’ve come across in various magazines and social media. What are acai bowls? Irresistibly delicious breakfast bowls, packed with fresh fruit, crunchy nuts and many other delicacies. How they are pronounced? Assaiii Bowls – with hot s and long i. Positive side effect: Acai bowls look so good that in the evening I’m already looking forward to breakfast the next morning. My alarm clock – virtually superfluous. There’s hardly a better way, is there?

The Acai-Bowl is a fruity muesli alternative – a smoothie for spooning. The basis: a combination of almond milk, bananas or berries. And of course the acai berry. Either as powder or puree. Traditionally, the acai bowl is made from frozen fruit puree, the so-called Frozen Packs. Hard to get here in Germany, they are often replaced by acai powder and frozen berries. And finally topped with all kinds of delicacies.

Not only their pretty appearance, but also their unique taste and many positive qualities make the Acai Bowls a real breakfast favorite. First only in Brazil, then in the whole of America and now also in our country.You want to know more about Smoothies? I’ll answer all your questions in my great Smoothie Guide.

The acai berry – the new superfood?

It is just one centimeter tall and already the star of American Hollywood beauties. The small berry, which looks like blueberries, has been competing with goji and acerola since this summer and does well to conquer the top of the superfoods – not least because you can conjure up delicious acai bowls from it. But a look back. Where does the acai berry actually come from?

Small, round and dark blue: At first glance, acai berries look pretty inconspicuous. Somehow they are – at least in their home country Brazil. Here the blue berries belong just as much on the plate as apples and pears with us.
Acai berries are harvested all year round, preferably in the flood areas of the Amazon. And then pureed or freeze-dried and ground. But only their skin. Inside, 90 percent of acai berries consist of seeds and kernels.

That’s why you should eat acai berries

Acai berries are praised as miracle berries that make you slim and help to achieve beautiful skin. I am always sceptical about such full-bodied advertising promises. But what you can definitely do for the berry is the following:

Antioxidants catch free radicals and promote cell renewal.
The acai berry contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fats. Omega 3,6 and 9 have a positive effect on blood values, promote blood circulation and lower blood pressure.
The proportion of vitamin B1 and C is higher in acai berries than in many other fruits.
The acai berry contains a variety of minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron.
The acai berry is full for a long time.
Acai bowl with powder
acai powder
1 teaspoon acai powder corresponds to approx. 35 g fresh acai berries.

Clearly, the acai berry is best fresh. Since it is very perishable and difficult to export, however, you can fall back courageously on the purple powder. For this, the berries are freeze-dried and ground to powder – in a particularly gentle process. In this way, the many positive properties of the Acai berry are retained even after processing. A big plus point: the acai powder is lower in carbohydrates than the fresh fruit or the frozen puree.

Acai bowl with fruit puree

The fruit puree is the basis of many Acai bowls. It tastes fresher and more intense than the acai powder, but is difficult to get in Germany. The Fine Fruits Club from Berlin offers a small selection of high-quality fruit purees on its website of the same name.
When buying, always pay attention to the water content. Acai fruit puree consists for the most part of Acai dry mass, which is added depending upon quality level more or less water. A basic distinction is made between the following quality levels:

Acai fino: low to medium dry matter
Acai medio: medium to high dry matter
Acai grosso: very high dry mass
Consequently, the fruit puree with the highest dry matter and the lowest water content is the best.

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