Home Remedy For Chesty Cough

Hot fumes, onion juice with candy sugar and breast compress: In addition to suitable medications, it makes sense to calm the irritated respiratory tract with household remedies. In this way you can help your body to cope better with the dry cough.

The most effective household remedy for chesty cough: drinking tea.

Warm tea prevents the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat from becoming too dry. In addition, it promotes the removal of stuck secretions from the respiratory tract in irritable coughs. Thyme tea is one of the classics as it facilitates expectoration. As a household remedy for severe irritable coughs, ribwort plantain alleviates the irritation of the cough. If you feel fit enough, you can also make your own medicinal tea. A mixture of equal parts of coltsfoot, wooly flower and liquorice has a slime-promoting effect. For each cup you need one teaspoon of the mixture, which you pour with boiling water and then leave to brew for ten minutes. You can buy the ingredients at the pharmacy.

No matter which tea you choose: Drink at least one litre of it in small sips throughout the day. In addition, you should drink about the same amount of mineral water.

Our tip:

You can also sweeten the teas with honey. This way the medicinal teas are not only less bitter, the bee product is also said to have soothing properties.

Hot vapours against the stuck mucus

Inhalations with sage are particularly suitable for chesty coughs. Sage acts like a kind of ointment that protects the pharyngeal mucosa. This household remedy for dry coughs calms and relieves pain in the throat.

Put a handful of fresh or dried sage leaves in a pot or bowl and pour about two litres of boiling water over the herbs. Allow the brew to cool slightly so that the hot vapours do not irritate your face. Then place a towel over your head and the vessel and breathe in and out in deep and calm breaths.

The water vapour transports the ingredients of the ointment to the mucous membranes, where they dissolve the persistent secretion. In addition, they activate the cilia in the upper respiratory tract, which use wave motion to transport the mucus towards the pharynx so that it can be coughed out.

Our tip:

A steam inhaler with a mouth and nose attachment is particularly easy to use. There is also less risk of scalding. Inhalers and information on correct use can be obtained from your pharmacy.

Onion and rock candy: the classic household remedy for chesty coughs

Even if it doesn’t sound very appetizing, a homemade onion stock is a home remedy for dry coughs that you should try out. Cut an onion into small cubes and boil them with a tablespoon of rock candy over a low heat. Allow to stand for a while and then take the juice (3 to 4 teaspoons per day).

The onions contain essential oils and so-called flavonoids, which in combination kill germs and have a slightly anti-inflammatory effect.

This calms the bronchial tubes and relieves cough irritation.

Homemade onion stock is a classic household remedy for chesty cough.

Our tip:

Ask your partner or a dear friend to prepare the onion brew for you. Why? On the one hand, it can be unpleasant to cut an onion if you have a dry cough. On the other hand, it makes a significant contribution to your well-being if someone takes care of you. Attention increases the recovery effect.

Home remedy for chesty cough at night

At night dry coughing is the most unpleasant. The cough-attacks rob not only the ill one of the sleep, family members often lie with awake. One tablespoon of fennel honey before going to bed can help. It usually relieves coughing and can be taken again at night if necessary.

Our tip:

Especially in winter it makes sense to increase the humidity in the bedroom. Because dry room air promotes the cough stimulus. For example, place a bowl of water on the heater. The water evaporates and humidifies the air.

Chest compress with potatoes

Many people swear by spasmolytic, hot potato wraps when they have chesty cough. Cook four to six potatoes until soft and crush them. Now you can put the mixture into a tea towel and wrap the sides like a kind of gift. When the compress has cooled down to the point where there is no risk of burns, place it on your breast. Leave the compress there until it no longer emits heat.

As a household remedy for chesty cough, hot breast compresses with potatoes can have a spasmolytic effect. Visit https://ehomeremedies.com for more home remedy tips.

Our tip:

Take enough time for the application of the breast compress. The best time is in the evening before going to bed or during the day if you can lie down for at least one and a half hours afterwards. The warmth relaxes and makes you tired. The relaxing effect is enhanced by the longest possible rest.


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