Healthy Looking Facial Skin

The right facial care is one of the most important points on the way to a beautiful, healthy looking skin and a radiant complexion! But other factors can also play a role.

Clean regularly

Facial cleansing forms the basis for comprehensive facial care. Because only a clean, clarified skin can optimally absorb the ingredients of the subsequent care products. However, it is also important not to cleanse the face too often. Twice a day (morning and evening) is sufficient. Excessive cleansing can cause you to attack the skin’s natural protective barrier. You can find more information under facial cleansing.

Choose the right care

Whether dry skin, sensitive skin or normal skin – the facial care products optimally tailored to your individual skin type are important. Look carefully at the label and select your face creams and other products that match your skin type (see also Skin types).

Dry skin needs a lot of moisture. A rich moisturizing cream provides the skin with moisture depots that continuously release moisture to the skin throughout the day. A fragrance-free moisturiser is suitable for sensitive skin that tends to irritate.

A special moisturising cream for impure skin is recommended for oily skin with a tendency to pimples and blackheads. Such a cream should be oil-free, provide the skin with moisture and reduce skin impurities.

An oil-free cream that does not clog the pores is suitable for combination skin. A moisturizing gel is ideal – it absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky film on the skin.

Do not forget your lips

Not only your face, but also your lips need daily care. Since our lips do not have sebaceous glands that keep the skin supple, they dry out faster than other parts of the skin and therefore require special care. Click here for more information on lip care.

Sun protection

Protect your face from harmful UV rays. In midsummer or on holiday you should regularly apply sun cream to your face. A day cream with UV protection is suitable for everyday use. This protects your sensitive skin every day. And don’t forget your lips, especially on the beach, on the water and in the mountains.

Hands from the face

There are always bacteria on our hands. Therefore do not reach into the face with your hands. This will prevent bacteria and dirt from sticking to your face and causing impurities. Tips against skin impurities such as blackheads and spots can be found under impure skin.

Live healthy

A healthy diet, plenty to drink, no nicotine, plenty of sleep and regular exercise all help to prevent your skin from being exposed to unnecessary stress. You can find out more about healthy eating under Body Care.

Ask an expert

If you have skin problems, don’t be afraid to ask a dermatologist for advice.

Before the care comes the cleaning – always!

Every care application should be preceded by the correct and effective cleansing of the face. Only then is the skin optimally prepared for the application of carefully selected care products. Today, cleaning cloths soaked with active ingredients are also available for this purpose.

Only those who care regularly will achieve the following effects.

All skin care products should be used continuously. The effect does not depend on the quantity, but on the quality of the product and the regularity of use. Careful care always includes the neck and décolleté.

Skin needs are variable

The facial skin has seasonally different care needs. While in winter it needs rich, protective creams, in summer it needs light, moisturising products. Sometimes there are signs that the skin no longer feels comfortable with the care it receives. However, this usually does not mean that the products have lost their effect. Rather, the condition of the skin and its needs have usually changed. In this case the skin care has to be adapted to these new needs.

The way of life plays a role

At least as important as high-quality skin care products for the “anti-aging” of the skin is of course a healthy lifestyle. Regular rest breaks, sufficient oxygen, plenty of exercise, the avoidance of psychological stress and restraint in sunlight, solarium and pleasure poisons promote the health and regeneration of the skin. Overloading, stress, UV light, alcohol and smoking can make us “look old” at an early stage. To prevent this, regular facial care is also supported by a balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins.

Always drink enough!

Water, i.e. skin moisture, makes the skin smooth and soft. It also transports important active ingredients into the skin cells. Acid-forming stimulants such as black tea, coffee and alcohol remove more water from the body than they supply. In this deficiency situation, the body first takes moisture from its periphery – the skin. That is why it is important to drink enough!

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