Carpet Cleaning Home Tips

A carpet is not only a decoration, but it quickly turns a cold tiled floor into a cosy living oasis. And because the tastes are different, there is the floor edition in the most different remarks. From the high pile carpet with the long hair over the warm wool carpet up to the rustic sisal carpet or the noble silk carpet many different materials are used for the carpet production.

When cleaning your carpets you can therefore not always proceed uniformly. Because the cotton carpet must be treated completely differently than the sisal carpet or the wool carpet. In order for you to enjoy your carpet for as long as possible, it is essential that you ask the seller about the Parker Carpet Cleaning options each time you buy a new carpet.

For the easy-care carpet, use either carpet cleaner or upholstery cleaner from a specialist shop, or work with a household remedy. Wool carpets or sisal carpets, on the other hand, require special treatment, which you either carry out yourself or have carried out by a specialist.

Cleaning Hochflor carpets

Regular vacuuming is especially important for high pile carpets, whose vertical carpet fibres can be up to five centimetres high. This is because the fine dust prefers to hang in the long “hairs”. To avoid pulling out individual carpet fibres when vacuuming, you should opt for the smooth carpet nozzle. A brush attachment is out of place with a long pile carpet.

After the rough cleaning, which should take place at least once a week, an intensive cleaning is due approximately every three years. Proceed as follows:

Vacuum the carpet particularly thoroughly

You put a small carpet in the bathtub, a large carpet is cleaned with the carpet cleaning machine. Carpet cleaning machines can be borrowed at the specialist carpet market or at the DIY store.

High pile carpet cleaning with the carpet cleaning machine:

Fill the cleaning device with a cleaning fluid for long pile carpets and connect it to the power supply.
Follow the instructions over the high pile carpet so that the detergent can be sprayed under high pressure between the pile carpets. Do not squeeze or rub.
Allow the agent to work and then suck the cleaning solution together with the dissolved dirt out of the carpet again.
Allow the high pile carpet to dry thoroughly before entering it again.

Home remedies for carpet cleaning


With an aspirin tablet you can not only fight headaches, but also remove blood stains from the sisal carpet. Dissolve the pain tablet in warm water. Dip a cotton cloth into the household remedy and dab the stains with it until they have disappeared. Then dab with clear water and dry the carpet with a hairdryer.

Baby shampoo

As an alternative to the cleaning agent for high pile carpets, you can also clean the floor covering with baby shampoo. Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water, mix in some pH-neutral baby shampoo and put the carpet inside. Move the carpet slightly back and forth so that the cleaning water can spread well between the carpet fibres. The high pile carpet is then sprayed with cold water and dried.

Baking powder

Use baking powder to remove stains from insensitive carpets. Sprinkle the baking powder generously on the stains. Then pour hot water over it and let the household remedy work in overnight. The next morning, use kitchen paper to vacuum dirt and baking powder water out of the carpet. Dab with clear water and let the flooring dry.

Iron and blotting paper

Use an iron and blotting paper to remove wax stains from oriental or wool carpets. Place the blotting paper over the stains, put the iron on wool and iron over the areas until the blotting paper has completely absorbed the wax.

Vinegar/vinegar essence

Even with vinegar or diluted vinegar essence, stains can be removed from light, non-sensitive carpets. Soak a cloth in the household remedy, rub it carefully over the stains and wipe with clear water. Do not enter the cleaned areas again until they have dried.

Ice cubes

Use ice cubes to remove wax stains from the sisal, silk or wool carpet. Put a few cubes in a freezer bag and place the bag on the stains until the wax has hardened. It can then be carefully removed with a plastic spatula.

Mineral water

Use sparkling water to eliminate stains from oriental carpets. Pour the water over the stains, let it take effect and then dab it out of the sensitive floor covering with kitchen paper.

Shaving foam

As an alternative to carpet foam, you can clean insensitive carpets with shaving foam. Spray on the foam, let it take effect and vacuum it off.


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